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Personal Online Reputation Management

Your personal reputation is important as it can affect your professional life or family relationships. What people are saying about you online, in the news, on social media, blogs, videos, and images can all impact people’s perceptions of you as an individual.

Why use Balanced Media Services?

To understand your online presence, simply search your name on Google and see the returned search results. If you are not comfortable with the returned search results then Balanced Media can help.

How can Balanced Media change your personal online reputation?

Negative search results on page 1 of Google can damage the image, perception and reputation of an individual. Fortunately, positive results on page 1 of Google can project engender trust in an individual.

At Balanced Media, our personal online reputation management services seek to remove or suppress negative Google pages, and reduce the visibility of any non-removable negative material. We achieve this through various methods, based upon the situation presented.

We will need certain information and direction from you and from that point will deliver you a comprehensive report each month indicating our advancement.

The time taken depends upon each individual case and results will typically be noticeable within 2-3 months.

Personal Reputation Balanced Media

How we approach personal online reputation management

Reputations can be damaged in moments but with personal online reputation management, you reclaim yours.

Our experts will:

  • Remove outdated and negative content from Google or at source
  • Weaken, suppress or push down negative content
  • Add positive media
  • Use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) where appropriate
  • Improve your search results
  • Help protect your personal and professional reputation
  • Monitor what people are saying about you online

Removing Content From Google

Negative, offensive, or undesirable online content, if appearing in search results can damage your personal reputation. As an individual in the EU you can submit a ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ request to Google.

At Balanced Media, we have extensive experience in removing offensive and negative online content. We also work with experienced media lawyers who can advise you regarding numerous legal options available for you and also directing on what all can be removed. We work with you through the whole journey of rebuilding and protecting your online reputation

Personal Reputation Balanced Media

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