Removing Content Online

Removing Content Online Balanced Media

Removing online content or outdated content removal, negative reviews, images, news, and videos, showing up in Google search results can damage the online reputation of a company, brand, or person. The longer negative content remains on the web, the more prominent the harm. Furthermore, if the site on which offending content is posted is of a high authority. It is likely to reach or be accessible to many more people. So, it important to outdated content removal for maintaining reputation.

Whilst individuals can submit a request to Google to have information removed about themselves, it is not as straightforward for businesses to make similar requests. At Balanced Media, we also work with media lawyers who can advise on the merits of making cease and desist requests of the offending publishers; or seek an injunction.

At Balanced Media, we use certain successful techniques to remove, hide, or reduce the effect of online damaging content.

Removing Content Online Balanced Media

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