The Importance of Personal Online Reputation Management (2020)

personal online reputation
Personal online reputation management is essential for individuals in a leading role, be they company CEOs or healthcare, legal or financing professionals as this roundup of findings below so clearly demonstrates.

Prospects of Individuals

  1. 75% of human resource departments put emphasis on searching for a job applicant online.
  2. 85% of HR professionals and recruiters have stated that a candidate’s online presence influences their hiring process.
  3. 70% of U.S HRs and recruiters have rejected an applicant based on what they found out about the candidate online.
  4. At least 57% of the employers don’t feel motivated to interview candidates who they can’t find online.
  5. 54% employers reject a candidate based on the candidate’s social media profiles and updates.
  6. At least 70% of the employers prefer using different social media platforms in order to screen a potential candidate.
  7. According to Pew Research Center, at least 12% of employed adults consider the marketing of themselves online as a normal part of their jobs.
  8. 95% of recruiters go through LinkedIn profiles of their candidates to screen them.
  9. 84% companies prefer using social media platforms in order to hire someone.
  10. 31% of employees have searched online for information about their co-workers.
  11. However, 62% of adults search for themselves on search engines to see what information they find about themselves.
  12. Around 6% of adults use automatic alerts, which help them receive notification when their names get mentioned in a blog, article, news story, or anywhere online.
  13. In addition, 24% of employed adults have been informed that the companies they work with have a set guidelines or rules about how they should present themselves online on different platforms.
  14. 86% of HR feels that recruitment is becoming almost similar to marketing. 


Take personal online reputation management seriously

The Internet doesn’t let you forget things easily. Your online reputation affects for a long time if there’s negative information about you. Be careful about what you post online as an individual, as these can often make or break professional opportunities. 

That’s why you absolutely should develop a personal online reputation management strategy or consider hiring experts to advise you.

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