Why Does Online Reputation Management Cost So Much?

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A common question we’re often asked is why online reputation management costs more than standard digital marketing. And the answer we always give is because online reputation management – or ORM – isn’t marketing. While many of the same core techniques may be used, there is a significant difference between advertising a product, and rescuing a potentially vulnerable or damaged reputation


What it all comes down to in this industry is that you’re getting what you pay for. Professional online reputation management isn’t your friend saying nice things about you in a forum, or a marketing manager throwing out a few optimised social media posts. Professional ORM isn’t about putting a plaster over the problem and hoping it heals; it’s about a team of industry specialists addressing the problem at the source. 


Here are just some of the reasons why ORM costs more than marketing:


What you get with marketing…

Spun content that delivers the same overall message for everyone, regardless of the situation they’re finding themselves in. This content has the advantage of being quick and cheap to produce, but it may do little to create and reinforce a positive profile.



High quality media content that’s created specifically for the campaign in question. Drawing on advice from legal professionals across relevant countries, campaign specific content is designed to build positivity under specific, niche conditions.


What you get with marketing…

Content that’s published through free or low cost channels to keep campaign costs to a minimum. This might include social media networks and PR websites. While these sites can help a message to spread, their industry-specific reach is significantly restricted. 



Content that’s published on websites that will gain the most positive exposure for the individual client. This will often include publishing in trade, local, national, and international news sites, where appearance fees can total as much as $50,000. 


What you get with marketing…

Advertising. A marketer does what they know best; they take a marketing approach to reputation recovery and maintenance to advertise their ‘product’: You. Unfortunately, at times of crisis, this can often do more harm than good, putting you in the spotlight.



Strategically planned campaigns that audiences don’t even realise have taken place. The best online reputation management campaign is one that’s subtle; it walks the fine line between delivering a message of positivity without drawing attention to the issue. 


The truth is that good ORM can cost anywhere from £1500 to over £3000 per month. But when it’s your reputation on the line, can you really afford to settle for second best? Contact us to discuss your matter in more detail.

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