In recent years, has increased its presence in the UK, and is regarded as “the” company review website to help professionals gain a fair understanding of what an organisation is all about. 

Unfortunately, there are times when a company’s online reputation can experience significant damage due to unhappy current or former employees posting negative, false or exaggerated reviews on Glassdoor.

In this article, we outline clear and easy-to-understand steps on how to remove a negative Glassdoor review.

Your guide to removing bad reviews from Glassdoor

According to Glassdoor Help, there are four key ways to dealing with negative reviews:

1. Flag reviews

There’s an option to “flag” negative reviews in Glassdoor – and when you do, Glassdoor may not be obliged to remove it ‘by default’, but they will certainly look into it to ensure that it follows their Community Guidelines and Terms of Use. However, it is entirely up to the Glassdoor team if they remove the review or not, no matter how badly it portrays the company.

In any case, it’s worth a shot, especially if you feel that the reviewer has left a ‘fake’ review or if he/she has violated Glassdoor’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Use. Here’s how to flag a post:

At the bottom right of the review, you’ll see a flag icon. Go ahead and “flag” it, after which you’ll be prompted with a dropdown menu:

How to Remove Negative Glassdoor Reviews Balanced Media

One important thing to note here is that if the review:

  • Contains profanities or swear words
  • Has too many CAPS or capitalisation of words/sentences
  • Violates the “one review, per employer, per year, per review type” policy
  • Contains a significant amount of quotes from other people or sources
  • Includes an ad or link
  • Displays non-public, confidential and internal business information
  • Identifies names of company employees not made public (such as non C-suite positions)

Then you have solid grounds for flagging a review, and chances are Glassdoor will remove it, because they do not approve any of the above, according to their Policy.

2. Respond to negative reviews

Seems counterintuitive, but there’s no harm in trying to pacify an irate reviewer. Just use a free employer account to view the reviews posted about your company’s current positions, and you can then respond directly to them. 

It’s likely that a positive response may lead to a resolution with past employees, and this may convince them to remove the originally posted negative review. However, it’s not a guaranteed method of having the negative review removed – still, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying. 

3. Ask your employees to leave reviews

Now, this may not sound like the most clever strategy (at first), but it certainly pays to try. Ask your current staffers to leave a positive review in an attempt to offset the bad ones. It’s a game of chance, really: if the positive reviews outweigh the negative ones, job seekers won’t be as turned off and may consider working for you. 

4. Legal action

If all else fails and Glassdoor refuses to take down the bad review, then your absolute final option is to pursue legal action. However, it should be noted that laws all over the world protect sites like Glassdoor from liability. 

In addition, it is against Glassdoor’s Policy to disclose the identity of the individual who left the negative review. So, you’re not really in a position to sue the individual for leaving the defamatory remarks. Plus, legal action is going to cost you a pretty penny, lead to a great deal of negative press, and the end of it all, it may not even go in your favour. 

If all options have been exhausted, and you were unsuccessful in getting rid of the negative review(s), then there are two ways to handle them:

  1. “Bury” the Glassdoor reviews in Google search results
  2. Strive to earn more positive reviews in order to overshadow the negative ones and improve your company’s profile

How to remove those bad Glassdoor reviews from Google 

The reviews that can’t be removed from Glassdoor can certainly be buried deep in Google so that the chances of people finding them are very, very low. 

There’s a misconception going around that any reputation management company you work with, will “magically” get your negative reviews removed from Google search results. This isn’t quite true, because the only real way to remove those reviews from Google is to bury them deep by lifting up the ranking of dozens of positive articles about your company. That way, when someone looks for you online, the positive articles will be the first items to pop up. 

To accomplish the above, you must diversify and expand your company’s search results holistically. Now, this – a reputation management company can definitely help you get done, and with fantastic results too. 

Closing Thoughts

As for way #2 – you can’t outright ask your employees to leave beaming reviews. Instead, go around and ask them if they’re happy with their job and the way things are at the company. If yes, great! Ask them to leave some positive feedback on Glassdoor or update an older review that did not sound all that positive. 

In fact, every quarter, you could send an email reminder to everyone and ask them to update their respective Glassdoor profiles. Let them know that the feedback will remain anonymous and also tell them why it’s going to be super-helpful to the company!  

That’s pretty much it – it’s not the end of the world if a few negative reviews pop up on Glassdoor. If the above don’t work, our business reputation management consultants would be more than happy to help you set things straight and get your company back under a positive lens. 

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