How to Acquire 5 Star Reviews (2021)

5 Star Reviews

How to get five star reviews

By now, every professional brand knows the importance of online reviews. We don’t need to tell you that peer-generated content plays a huge role in online reputation management. But what you may not know is how to get five star reviews and how to get customers to share their reviews to enable those peer-generated benefits.


The most important thing you need to know is that paying for reviews won’t get you anywhere. In fact, research suggests that nearly all 18-34 year olds can spot a fake review from a mile away, so it’s always best to gain reviews through above board, approved methods. There are a number of different techniques you can use, such as:


  • Enabling review functionality


Quite simply, your customers won’t leave reviews if they don’t have anywhere to do it. Make it easy for your customers to share their opinions by enabling review functionality on your website. If you use WordPress, there are lots of plugins for gaining reviews. 


  • Asking


It may sound obvious, but just asking for reviews can be hugely beneficial. Research shows that 70% of customers will leave a review when a business asks them to, so it’s definitely worth following up recent purchases with an email to encourage sharing. 


  • Sparking discussion


An important thing to remember is that not all reviews look like a standard review. By sparking discussion on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you can encourage users to organically share their opinion through comments and emojis. 


  • Building a presence on review platforms


If you don’t yet have a TrustPilot presence, it can be a good idea to create a free account for your brand. Also be sure to sign up for a Google My Business account, and consider selling products through third party review-friendly platforms like Amazon. 


  • Participating in review programmes


Amazon’s ‘Early Reviewer’ programme can be a great way to gain reviews. Brands can select which products they want to start generating reviews for, with the platform offering high quality users a small financial incentive for sharing their opinion online. 


Not Hitting 5* Status? Don’t Panic!


Customers are more likely to leave a review of a negative experience than a positive one, which can make it challenging to reach a truly 100% 5* status. But it’s also important to question whether you actually *want* a 5* status in the first place.


Excellent reviews are important. Of course they are. But a healthy balance between positive and negative can be even more important, especially if you use negative reviews as an opportunity for growth. Negative reviews offer a unique chance for brands to respond and demonstrate a commitment to customer service and satisfaction, which goes a long way towards building a strong online reputation!

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