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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is very much moving up the agendas of businesses as they consider their offline and online reputation management strategies. Increasingly, citizens and consumers are engaged in activism on important issues such as gender and racial equality, the environment and employment rights amongst others.

As our roundup of findings below shows, CSR and online reputation management should not be thought of as a remote matter that affects only larger businesses but that it can actually affect businesses of all sizes.


  1. 68% of customers will choose not to shop from companies perceived or known to have poor company ethics. 
  2. 55% of customers will not buy from companies that don’t value equality. 
  3. 69% job seekers reported that they would not accept a job offer from a company that has a bad reputation. 
  4. Even if a company that has a bad online reputation and offers a 100% hike in compensation, around 30% of the candidates looking for jobs would still reject the opportunity to work with them. 
  5. Companies that have clearly defined purposes are more likely to expand in new markets, and that goes up to 50%. 
  6. More than half of Gen Xers and millennials will defend a company that is purpose driven. 
  7. 50% of the millennials are willing to take a pay cut to work with companies that matches with their values. 
  8. 64% of CEOs have stated that their CSR programs are a crucial element of their business strategies. 
  9. Companies with good CSR strategies tend to increase their market value by up to 4-6%. 
  10. Well implemented CSR strategies can assist companies avoid potential losses by at least 7%.  


Online reputation management is key your CSR strategy

From employment to sales the perception of your brand. In terms of both offline and online reputation can have a significant impact on how people interact with your business.

If you would like to discuss how your online reputation can be improved, then please contact us in strictest confidence.


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