6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Reputation Management Firm

Online reputation management

Whether you need to rebuild your status following a blow, or you’re looking to maintain an existing perception of you or your brand, your reputation is not something that you want falling into the wrong hands. The truth is that, while there are many different reputation management firms out there, not every agency will be the right fit for your own needs. 


Before committing to working with a particular company, it’s vital to ask these six essential questions that can help determine whether you’re making the best choice:


  1. Who do you work with?


There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to reputation management firms. Some will specialise in one particular area – such as individuals in white collar professions, entertainers, or global brands, for example – so it’s important to ensure that whoever you choose can demonstrate experience in the precise area you need support in. 


  1. What techniques do you use?


Many reputation management firms will answer something along the lines of ‘SEO, social media, content’ and so on, and so a secondary question that’s good to ask here is ‘who do you have working for you?’. The company should have experts from all areas they specialise in, like content writers, SEO experts, research professionals, and more. 


  1. What is your international approach?


Unfortunately, a growing trend we’re seeing is that reputation management firms rely on the EU’s ‘Right to be Forgotten’ scheme to remove links. The problem here is that the scheme does not remove links from sites outside of the EU. So if you require assistance on an international scale, look for a firm that has built a strong international approach. 


  1. How involved do I need to be?


Be wary of reputation management firms that say they will handle everything for you, with no need for you to be involved in the process. This is YOUR reputation. It is vital that the company you choose to work with acknowledges the importance of your reputation by ensuring they receive your approval before uploading any content. 


  1. Do you offer guarantees?


Steer clear of any reputation management firm that guarantees they can improve your reputation or get any content to the top of the Google search results. Reputation management is not a science, and any new content, PR, or content posted by a website is outside of the company’s control. Choose a firm with a realistic approach. 


  1. How much does it cost?


Although fees can vary depending on the nature of the situation, there is no reason for reputation management firms to be secretive with their pricing structure. To ensure no nasty surprises, choose a company that publishes its fees in a clear and transparent way. A good fixed monthly cost for individuals should be around £1500 +VAT per month. 


At Balanced Media, we welcome all of these questions – and more – from our prospective clients. Simply get in touch to see if we’re the right fit for your needs!

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