About Us

About Us

Balanced Media is led full-time by Jonathan Singh in association with Adam Appleby and Jessica Alans. Between us, we will listen to our clients’ objectives and develop and action a strategic plan. Details of how we approach projects can be found here.

We have also retained the services of an additional team of experts that include senior public relations, media law, SEO, technology and social media specialists; all of whom have proven themselves to consistently and successfully deliver our clients’ objectives.

Typically a team of 5 people might be working on different aspects of each engagement, all of whom must be carefully coordinated.

About Us Balanced Media

Our Approach

1About Us Balanced Media

Client discussions

  • Understand client objectives
  • Determine the targeted keywords and geographies

2About Us Balanced Media

Client engagement

  • Agree contract terms
  • First month payment in advance

3About Us Balanced Media


  • Consider the merits of a ‘Right to be forgotten’ request
  • Gather supporting evidence from client as necessary

4About Us Balanced Media


  • Draft positive content and get client approval
  • Promote content online

5About Us Balanced Media


  • Present monthly reports to client
  • Invoice client on a monthly basis

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We will be in the strictest confidence to discuss how we can support
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